How to Properly Proofread Essay Papers

It doesn't mean that when essay papers are completed, the job is automatically finished. As with any writing endeavors, the last and final step must be to always meticulously proofread the works involved. To proofread is to check the overall content and presentation of the piece. With that said, here are seven proofreading ways to ensure the quality of essay papers.

  1. Make a printout of the essay papers. It's easier to pinpoint errors when you read it in concrete paper than when you're editing on screen.
  2. Keep distractions away. Television, phones, and people are disruptions that can undermine the value of your proofreading.
  3. Have a dictionary nearby. It can't be determined when you?ll be assailed by a profound word you?ve never heard before.
  4. Mark corrections with red ink. In this way, you won't overlook anything when you make changes later.
  5. With long essay papers, take regular breaks. In this way, you're mind is always fresh and sharp to hunt for mistakes.
  6. On a separate paper, write all the elements you're unsure about. It can be about a technical term, a quotation, or a questionable assertion, among other things. This list can be later on verified for accuracy.
  7. Read essay papers thrice. The first one should be for grammatical and typographical accuracy, the second one must focus on the clear delivery of the gist and significance of the material, and the third one is to make sure you didn?t miss out on any other errors.


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